Doctor? Drug Dealer? You Decide.

It’s Leslie with another story from datingland. I met this guy on Match and he seemed like a catch at first. He checked off a lot of boxes for sure. He was a doctor who had been in private practice, but had decided to go back and complete another residency to advance the care he was able to provide to his patients. I was really impressed with how smart he was and we really had a great time hanging out. He wasn’t bad on the eyes either and he was really into wine. #winner

We went out to dinner several times and got to know each other better. He always picked really nice restaurants and insisted on ordering a bottle of the nicest wine with dinner, so I thought I was really onto something. After the first few dates we went out for a big night out and ended up running into his friends and my friends so we got the awkward meeting of the friends out of the way, and, bonus, he really impressed my friends too. It was on this date that he finally got the nerve up to kiss me as my Uber was pulling up.

He seems so great. So you’re wondering, where did this go wrong?

Well on one of the first few dates we went on he had told me about his collection of guns. I didn’t think much of it, and kind of figured it was just a hobby. He also told me about his habit of staying up late into the night playing video games with a friend who was recovering from a drug problem who he felt sorry for. I’m not really into video games, so you guys may know this, but said friend was 500 miles away. The Doctor was studying to treat patients with severe drug addictions and as the dates went on I found out he had multiple friends with these same issues. Red flags were beginning to pop up, but I liked him and he was cute so I wanted to see where it was going.


The night things got too weird even for me went a little something like this: He picked me up at my house for a date. This was the first time I would be riding in his car. It was a completely blacked out Mercedes (not to be judgey, but think drug dealer car) and he was laid back so far in the seat I don’t know how he could see out. He was playing terrible music and took the longest route possible to dinner, giving me time to grow more and more suspicious of who and what he was by the second.

At his suggestion, we were going to what is probably the nicest and definitely the most expensive restaurant in our town. So we pull up to this fine dining establishment in the blacked out Benz and he says “Hold on, I’ve gotta do something with the gun!” Y’all he pulled a loaded handgun out of the glove box and put it in the trunk because “It isn’t good to have a loaded gun when you’ve been drinking.” Um, pause. Please tell me this is not normal behavior.

I, of course, ignore this (or maybe my brain just couldn’t process it) and we go inside for dinner. When the waitress comes, like clockwork he ordered the most expensive bottle of red wine on the menu. I opt for the filet mignon because #freedinner at this point. We have appetizers and salads and dessert and totally gorge ourselves. It was at that point he told me about some strange diet he was doing where he didn’t eat for several days. I am just a pig I guess, I would never participate in such diets. I drank most of the bottle of wine since he was driving.

 Dinner was completely bizarre to say the least, but we managed to rack up a bill well over $400. When I told my friend where we were going for dinner she told me “if you’re going there you better be prepared to sleep with him after. That’s the kind of place you take someone to so you can get in their pants.” She is one of my not-so-exciting married friends, but girlfriend had a point. Also I had quite a bit of wine by this point. So we left dinner, gun safely in the trunk, and headed back to my house where I prepared for him to come inside. However, when we got back to my house he patted me on the leg and said he really had to get going his friends were waiting for him on the video games. He drove away and I never responded to his calls again. #byefelicia #dodgedabullet

Wine Wednesday

Hey y’all! It’s no secret that we love wine. We talk about wine all the time around here. It’s also no secret that we make single girl dinners often. Think scrambled eggs and wine, cereal and wine, or popcorn and wine. Olivia Pope – one of our favorite fearless single chicks made the popcorn and wine dinner completely legit. I don’t know about you, but we are VERY ready for her to come back into our lives this fall so we have an excuse to eat popcorn and wine for dinner. (Who are we kidding? We did that last night, oops).

If you are a #singlelady like us and believe this is a valid meal decision, we have some fun wine pairings for you from our friends at Skinny Pop to make sure you are doing it right AND saving your calories for more wine of course. Let us know what your favorite combo is!

SkinnyPop Wine.jpg


Friday Feelin’

Hey girls! We are totally stoked for the long weekend ahead. We’re planning to soak in the last of summer and relax. Hermine we’re gonna need you to get out of town without ruining the weekend. #KthanksBYE

We’ve mentioned it the last couple weeks, but y’all we just cannot bring ourselves to date right now. Don’t worry we still have plenty of stories in the archives for y’all. But we are totally burned out of the dating apps and mindless chats that end up going nowhere. Whatever happened to meeting a hottie in the produce section? Are people even meeting IRL anymore? It seems with Tinder and Bumble expanding to searching for friends not just SO’s, life is headed more and more towards being lived totally on the internet. Not to sound like a bunch of old ladies, and we totally get the perks of this, but sometimes it seems like people are losing their skills for real life as a result of all this online life. #rantover

In the meantime it’s been totally fun to focus on friendships and livin’ for ourselves. Thoughts of husbands and children and future lives are easily dismissed when you’re having a great time “doing you.”


We’ve had the chance several times this summer to throw our stuff in the car and head for the coast. With no one to ask for permission and no one else to worry about this can truly be freeing. Although sometimes we worry that we are too free, and might be building a life that won’t easily adapt to a future partner. But at the same time we can’t leave a permanent space open for Mr. Right (who is taking his sweet time) when there are so many fun life adventures to fill it with.

Plus life’s short and we intend to make the most of ours. We hope you all do the same and have a fabulous long weekend!


Dating App Review: Happn

How it Works:
Happn, like a lot of other dating apps, is connected to your Facebook profile. You upload pictures of yourself from Facebook and create a short bio. Everyone should be familiar with this part of dating apps by now if you’ve been following us for a while, if not read our Bumble and Tinder review. Happn creates a list of people that you happen (get it?) to cross paths with during your daily life (at the store, sitting on your couch, in your office – you get the idea). So if they are using the app and so are you, they are added to a list of people whose profile become visible to you. If you are interested in them you have the option to like them or send them a charm. Sending a charm seems to be the same as super liking someone on Tinder. Like other apps if you both like each other you have the option to chat and take it from there.


The Good:
Unlike apps that you swipe through the list of people that you have crossed paths with remains. You can check them out on your own time schedule and there is no need to make an immediate yes or no decision. Also, we can see how this would work really well in a big city like NYC or Boston where everyone is walking around and you might see a cute boy on the subway that you would like to talk to further. Addison has a friend in a big city where everyone uses Happn and she can practically guarantee that if she has a “moment” with a guy she walks by on her way to dinner, they will find her on Happn and ask her out.

The Bad:
Claire works near a major highway that connects the south to the north and midwest. EVERYONE that drives by her office on this highway is added to her list of available men. This is not ideal. Also, there is a map that shows where you first crossed paths with someone and narrows it down to a very specific one block radius. Leslie lives next door to a major grocery store and has “crossed paths” with people that were indicated as happening right on her block, even though she was sitting on the couch. This gives us the total creeps. Although the app can’t specifically say Leslie lives there if you continue to cross paths with the same person they can easily figure it out. NO THANKS.

Our Take:
Happn is by far the creepiest dating app we’ve tried so far. No offense to the creators, but y’all this is seriously creepy, especially in a smaller town like we all are from. No stranger needs to have access to the location on a map in which you are located. Ever. We have to admit that we did not make conversation with anyone through the app, and can’t report on the quality of men. We were just too creeped out that the guys we could be talking to know where we have been and possibly where we live or work.


Our Advice:
Check it out if you’re curious, but be very cautious about the information you may be unknowingly giving out. We think Happn may be better suited for you big city girls!

If you have used Happn or had any success with the app please share it with us or in the comments below.