Friday Favorites – Links & Loves

Happy Friday friends! We made it through another work week! This week was crazy busy, so sorry for the lack of posts. We’re still working on convincing ourselves to get back in the dating game. We have really been enjoying the break, if we’re being honest.

The SGA girls are headed to the beach this weekend to celebrate Claire’s birthday and we could not be more excited for a relaxing getaway filled with wine and girl talk!

Without further ado, here’s this weeks list of Links & Loves:

  • See Cosmo’s list of reason to delete dating apps from your life. We agree.
  • Offline Society: meeting people IRL and not on apps, we would love to see this concept spread to our areas.
  • Speaking of meeting IRL, hopefully we never meet this matchmaker from Austin, TX. Talk about a Debbie Downer.
  • We could just all marry ourselves if things don’t work out with the men of the internet. There’s actually a special place in Vegas just for this! We’re registered at Manolo Blahnik, please send shoes.
  • Considering a solo travel adventure? Check this girl out.
  • We have some upcoming adventure planned and are looking for some shoes made for walking, but not made for looking like a total tourist. What do y’all think? .


Happy weekend y’all!  Hope you have fun plans and are enjoying what’s left of summer! Check back Monday for an update on our weekend at the beach!




Friday Pep Talk

Y’all, we’ve seen a lot of negative, bitter, venting rants of why being single sucks out there recently. And we totally get it, being single can be exhausting and lonely and we have our moments of wanting to rant at the world and wonder where we went wrong in life. We frequently joke that our lives somehow swerved wildly off track.

BUT we are here with a friendly, hopefully inspiring, pep talk to get you out of your dating funk and back to enjoying life to it’s fullest. Also, Leslie told you earlier that Claire and Addison are currently swearing off dating, so hopefully we can inspire ourselves too!

Here’s the thing, single or taken, you only get one life and there is no sense sitting around waiting for Prince Charming to come and save you from singledom to start living! #becauseYOLOyall You may have heard this before, but he is not coming to your door on a white horse with a 3 carat diamond ring to make everything sunshine and roses.


And even if he did show up, trust us Prince Charming does not want to hang out with a sad, boring girl. All kidding aside, you can’t be moping around, desperately hoping he will show up, because you know who will actually come knocking? Some lame guy looking for a hookup on Tinder, and we want more than that. And we want more for YOU than that.

You have to just get out there and experience life to it’s fullest. Get involved in groups in your community, volunteer, plan girls nights with your friends, go to the gym, watch great movies, read inspiring books, join fitness groups, go on a solo vacation. Do things that you enjoy and fill your life with good stuff. Find out what it means to be you and be happy all by yourself. Because here’s a little known fact: The perfect guy or perfect relationship is not going to make you happy by itself. Only you have the power to do that, so why would you wait?


Okay, okay, we know this is all starting off really cheesy…but in a world where we are meeting strangers from the internet on a regular basis and everything feels just a little insane, sometimes a little cheese is nice (even necessary) and comforting. Like watching an old episode of Saved By the Bell or Full House.

Here’s the thing: You are worth the wait. That’s right YOU, not whatever guy you feel like you are waiting for. You are not going on dates with idiots and cheapskates for your future husband’s sake, you are doing it for YOU. To find someone who makes you feel special and is as amazing as you are so you guys can join your amazing lives together for an explosion of amazinginess. But you have to start living your amazing life first. Focus on that, but most of all focus on YOU and we promise good things will happen.

Bumble Updates: A Breakdown of Bumble Boost Features

Bumble is buzzing with new updates! Addison and Claire have been taking a break from dating apps for the time being, so they are counting on me (Leslie) to give my input on Bumble’s latest changes. We would love your feedback as well, especially if anyone has bought the upgraded options.


Anyway, here’s the breakdown for those who haven’t checked Bumble in a few days you can now activate Bumble’s Boost feature which includes three major highlights :

  • The Beeline gives you all profiles of people who have already swiped right on you first so you don’t have to worry about people who aren’t interested.
  • You have the option to “Rematch” with matches who may have expired without you paying attention. Of course, some of those expired matches may have been on purpose. Either way, you are given a second chance to strike up a conversation with the cute guy you forgot to message in 24 hours that could be your soulmate.
  • And speaking of the clock running out, the Busy Bee upgrade gives you an additional 24 hours to think up the perfect intro.

Options range from $9.99 for one month, $8/month for 3 months, or $6/month for 6 months, and include all of the above features. There are also some design upgrades within the app you’ll notice as soon as you open it up.

I’m not sure that I’ll upgrade to any of these options anytime soon, but I can definitely see the benefits to them, especially for busy professionals who are short on time. Let us know what you think! Are the new Bumble updates worth the cost?

Weekend Update: Pizza + Wine + Friends = Happiness

Hi Friends! Addison here with a little life and weekend update. I don’t know about y’all, but we have been dealing with a serious heat wave and as much as I love summer I’m ready for fall weather!

After my summer fling came to a not-so-dramatic end, I decided to take a little break from dating. I thought I would be eager to get back out there and go on first dates after spending so much time with one guy, but the truth is that I’m busy and I’m burned out. And guess what, that’s okay! It turns out that taking a break and focusing on myself has been a much needed change of pace, especially in a whirlwind summer full of weddings, travel, and way too many scheduled events.

I should have probably figured this out before I found myself on a date with Dan the Doctor, who I can only describe as very blah. He was average looking, okay to talk to, but overall it was just fairly boring and uneventful. But I think most of the date’s “blahness” was because my head and my heart were just not in it. Like at all. #ratherbedoinglaundry

Anyway, I used this weekend as a chance to focus on myself, do what makes me happy, and just relax and recharge. The weekend kicked off by meeting up with Leslie and Claire (YAY!) on Friday night for pizza, wine, and ice cream. I really can’t think of a better food combination or a better group of girls to start the weekend off with.

a-bottle-of-red-a-bottle-of-white1 (1).jpg

Claire headed off to the mountains from there to celebrate her dad’s bday and Leslie spent the weekend moving into a brand new apartment. I took some time to get organized, hang out with the fam and of course watch lots of the Olympics!

We hope you all had a great weekend and are staying cool out there!


Friday Favorites – Links & Loves 

Happy Friday y’all! Did this seem like the longest week ever to anyone besides us? Have y’all been watching the Olympics this week? So many great performances from #teamUSA! Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps!!

We’re looking forward to a fun girls dinner catching up over wine tonight to celebrate finally making it through this week. Here are a few links and loves for this week!

  • We just discovered the super chic California-based brand Cuyana and we are obsessed. Leslie just ordered this bag and is compulsively checking the mail waiting for it to arrive.
  • Have you guys seen any Olympians on Tinder? Hey Ryan Locthe, we’re all still single over here. #justsaying
  • Anyone else buy wine because it has a pretty label? Apparently we’re doing it all wrong.
  • Scientists are finally ready to study the elusive single adults. Turns out all the studies about the benefits of marriage aren’t exactly what they thought.
  • The #PhelpsFace has been all over the Internet all week, but we want to put it out there one more time, because if this isn’t the perfect response to life sometimes we don’t know what is.  

Happy almost weekend y’all!


Dating Karma – Karma’s a Ghost (and a Bitch)

Hey Y’all! It’s Claire! You know how we’ve told you that I am huge fan of ghosting, and we’ve also told you about dating karma before too. I am here to remind you, dating karma is real and I just got a served a plate of it.

I’ve had a crazy summer with travel, and a pretty serious family situation so I haven’t had time to do much dating lately. Back in May I had started exchanging messages with a guy who had some similar interests as me, came from a good family, and seemed like a good guy. When we first made plans to meet, I was going to be out of town for a couple weeks and so we made plans for dinner 2 weeks later. When the day of the dinner came, he let me know that he had met someone else in the meantime that he was interested in pursuing. Not what I had been hoping for, but still very respectable. He disappeared into dating abyss and I never thought about him again, until a month later (when presumably things didn’t work out with the other girl), he messaged me to see if I was still interested in getting dinner.

I debated about it, but then decided he had really done a very respectable thing, and I had nothing to lose so I agreed to dinner. I was still in the middle of a family crisis, was totally exhausted, and not interested in dating but he seemed like a great guy. So we made plans for dinner, but I told him about the situation with my family and that I may have to cancel last minute because the situation was changing constantly. He said that he totally understood and he had just been through something similar a few months back with his family. (Crazy.) On the day of the date I had to rush out of work and head home to be with family. I let him know what happened and he totally understood.

I was home for the next two weeks in full blown crisis mode. During the two weeks, this perfect stranger checked in on me and my family every few days in the most thoughtful and supportive ways. I suppose because he had just been through it, he understood. But anyway, he kind of restored my faith in guys for the time being, because of how considerate he was through the situation.

When life finally started to return to normal, we met for dinner. The date went really well, he was cuter than I thought from the pictures (always a good surprise), and we had an overall great time. Because of all the stress I had been under I had resorted to eating cake and ice cream only, so when my dinner came and I didn’t eat it I told him about my new diet and he said not to worry about it. When dinner ended he walked me to my car, kissed me goodnight, and said he couldn’t wait to hangout again soon. I know I’m a tough crowd so when I like someone after a first date I’m always quite surprised myself. I was actually really excited about him, that never happens to me.


So on our second date, dinner came and I again didn’t eat it. That’s when he chimes in that he had stopped at a local bakery on the way for two huge slices of cake, and would I eat that!? #googlyeyes #swoon OF COURSE I will eat cake. I started to wonder if maybe he was too good to be true?

A couple days later we went on our third date, and had nice time at a baseball game with beer and hot dogs. We headed back to his house after the game (my car was parked there) and I told him it had really been a long week and I was ready to head home to bed, but that I had really enjoyed the evening. He said he had a great time and kissed me goodnight. He tried inviting me in, but it was obvious I wasn’t taking him up on it, so he said to drive safe getting home and to let him know when I got home so he wasn’t worried. We exchanged a few texts about what a nice evening it was after I got home. He seemed like the perfect gentleman and I really thought I was on to something.


And then just like that he GHOSTED me. The ultimate ghoster got ghosted. How is that possible?! I guess it’s time someone gave me a taste of my own medicine, but for the time being I’m back to hating everyone. Maybe someday soon I’ll meet the Mr. that makes me change my mind for good.