Hey friends! You may or may not have noticed our lack of posting around here. Remember when we told you that we were just so over dating. Well, we still are.

Here’s the thing- dating can be super fun. It’s great experience to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It can be a good way to see parts of your city you have never seen before. It can broaden your circle of friends. And when things go totally awry it can make you laugh until you cry–especially when you have a great group of girls to share stories with.


That’s the reason we started this blog. We wanted this to be a light, funny, uplifting place to share stories and connect with those of y’all who are in our same boat. We’ve told these stories so many times and heard “you guys should write these down somewhere”…so here we are. We LOVE all the people we have connected with since starting this blog.
All that is well and good, but sometimes dating can be TOTALLY exhausting. It takes effort to meet people, spend time getting to know them, getting yourself dressed for an evening out, psyching yourself up to play 500 questions with a stranger in a bar. We need a nap just thinking about it.

We’ve tried to be real with y’all in past posts about the need to take a break from dating to regroup. And truthfully that’s what we are doing. All three of us. Just taking a quick breather. Although admittedly, this break has lasted longer than expected. We are currently approaching the 3 month mark since any of us have been on a date. And you know what, we are OK with it.

The thing is we don’t want this blog to turn into a negative venting place about how there are no good guys left and dating is like #soawful, because it’s just not true. Deep down we really believe that, but for now we’ve decided to bench ourselves until we have more positive feelings towards dating in general. We love hair, makeup, and clothes as much as the next girl, but we think those blog post are better left to the experts. We’re still trolling Tinder in search of the best disasters, and we’re still staying up to date on all the dating news, so no worries we will still keep you guys informed.

Claire has planned some epic vacations (Europe & Hawaii), Addison is looking into some exciting new job opportunities, and Leslie has been busy decorating her new townhouse. We’ve been spending lots of time together and with our families and good friends in our respective cities. And frankly we don’t hate that we aren’t dating right now. We’re having fun, just living.


We hope this message encourages those of you who are also on a firm break from dating. And for those of you actively in the dating world: Send your stories our way, good or bad we would love to hear them!

For those of you affected by Hurricane Matthew, we’re thinking of you this weekend!!

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